Our Menus:

To taste the essence of Balinese culinary skills you usually need to be an invited guest at a traditional ceremony.
It is with pleasure, as our guest, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the same authentic fare at "DePradha Restaurant" In accordance with local custom, your meal is presented on wanci platter. Each platter artfully displays Nasi Kuning (yellow rice with turmeric, peanut and spiced coconut), and lawar (the traditional preparation of vegetables, wich our selection includes ferns(paku), egg and grean beans mixed with coconut and spices).

And your choice from the following :

Betutu Platter :

Ubud's specialty of smoked duck prepared in a pinang leaf and slow cooked in our traditional oven

Vegetarian :

Nasi Campur Vegetarian Including sere jele (smoked soya beans) curried tempe and jukut nangka (young jack fruit)

Nasi Campur :

Real home style Balinese cooking of meats and vegetables accompanied by rice, krupuk and sambals

Siap Basa Kalas :

Siap Basa Kalas is chicken in spices and coconut milk

Seafood :

Perling Seafood Platter grilled whole Red snapper, prawns and calamari served with a sambal of shallots, chilly and kaffier lime

Ayam Pelalah :

Ayam Pelalah shredded delightfully tangy chicken salad with chilly and lime

Sate Platter :

Combination of Sate Serapah, which marinated steamed of chicken breast in Balinese sauce served with peanut sauce. Sate Lilit another Balinese favourite of finely ground pork with grated coconut and spices, & Sate Langoan fish on skewer

Sambal Matah :

Tuna Sambal Matah grill fish topped chops chilies, shallots, lemon grass and ginger serve with yellow rice and lawar

Sambal :

Sambal Goreng Udang king prawn in rich Balinese basic spices chaffier lime leafs and coconut milk